Banquet Room Capacities

Banquet Room Capacities

We offer a wide range of rooms and dining options to cater to all types of events. Our sales team can advise you on what options are best to suit your individual requirements. Below is a summary of the dining room details for the Marine Hotel.


Room Name Brent Suite Rathlin Suite Board Room
Wedding 80 to 200 30 to 60 20 to 30
Dinner Dance 80 to 200 30 to 60 -
Dinner (no dancefloor) 80 to 220 30 to 60 20 to 30
Civil Ceremony 200 70 30
Private Dining - 40 to 60 20 to 30
Length 23m 12.5m 5.6m
Width 10m 5.8m 5.5m
Height 2.78m 3.5m 3.5m
Natural Light yes yes yes
Air Conditioning yes yes yes


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Brent Suite

Our Brent Suite exploits all that is unique about the Marine Hotel for your special Wedding Day. This beautifully appointed room features a glass wall that gives you and your guests a splendid view over the lawn that leads to the Bay shore.

Guests may directly access the Brent Suite patio, an especially attractive area to gather for some fresh sea air. The patio is also an excellent location for a pre-dinner reception.

We can accommodate any type of setup to suit your needs and cater for numbers from 80 to 200 Wedding guests. The layout of the room allows us provide a comfortable and spacious setting for guest numbers in this range.

The Brent Suite has two levels, with the wedding couple and guests entering from the higher level to the room itself. A grand entrance is always guaranteed.

To enhance our commitment to giving you all our attention, the Brent Suite is separate from all other Hotel facilities and features its own private bar.

Rathlin Suite

Board Room


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