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11 Feb

2019 Wedding Trends

With every year comes new wedding trends – some good…some not so good!

I always tell my wedding couples to make ‘their day their own’ – go with what they feel, match their own personalities as we are all individuals with individual tastes. However, we can ‘play around’ with the current trends a little, making them personal to our tastes…. and budgets!

Here are some little hints to get you on the way to making your wedding your own….

  1. 2019

    is all about embracing colour and new colour combinations that have never been done before. We see the trend veering away from soft classic colours and heading in a more fun, pumped up direction.

  2. Bringing the outdoors in

    For 2019 weddings, greenery continues to be a classic go-to shade, with flowers and foliage becoming more organic and lush. Opting for the ‘wild flower’ look is also becoming more and more popular.

  3. Festival-style Line-ups

    The standard wedding reception line-up is a band, followed by a DJ, then the traditional sing song in the residents bar ‘till the early hours! But we have recently noticed couples shaking things up, maybe including a mix of musical acts or by adding karaoke or a silent disco!

  4. Epic Veils

    So wedding veils are always in fashion but that was before Priyanka Chopra’s incredible 75-foot veil. This veil was so spectacular; we just know lots of brides will be borrowing the look for 2019.

  5. Three-piece suits for grooms

    After years of wedding trainers and loose-fitting shirts, according to menswear experts 2019 is the year we’ll see grooms suiting up in their best three-piece.

  6. The rise of bridesmen and groomsgirls

    This year we saw more and more couples employ their nearest and dearest, regardless of gender, to join them in celebrating their big day. Bridesmen, groomsgirls, flower grandmas (instead of flower girls), and best women; anything goes!

  7. Women Making Speeches

    Mums, bridesmaids, brides and sisters, there were certainly more women on the mic last year and it looks like 2019 will be the same. Come on ladies – any opportunity to have a ‘drop the mic’ moment!

  8. Writing Your Own Ceremony

    As wedding ceremonies continue to be more and more personalised, lots of couples are opting to do the legal bit separately. This blank canvas ceremony means you can truly make it your own, keep the formalities to a minimum and have fun with your vows and include as many of your family members as you want!

  9. Wedding Artists

    What a beautiful way to capture your day – yes you will have your photos but this will be something truly individual to you – Illustrators can sketch your guests outfits, caricaturists who’ll give you a less-flattering/more-funny wedding portrait, watercolour artists who’ll paint a dreamy vision of your day; more and more couples are recruiting artists to document their wedding in a unique fashion.

  10. Opulent wedding cakes

    We’ve seen a lot of amazing wedding cakes, but 2019 will welcome even more impressive creations. 2018’s royal weddings are likely to inspire couples to make more opulent choices. Metallic touches, personalised monograms and regal piping will be on everyone’s cake agenda. Even more exciting are the amazing array of textures we’re expecting – rippled icing, decorative finishes and show-stopping sugar flowers will take guests’ breath away.

  11. Eco-conscious and ethical weddings

    From foam-free flower installations to wedding dresses that use ethical practices and wedding cakes made of locally sourced ingredients, the options for hosting an eco- conscious and ethical wedding are rising.

  12. Can’t wait to see a couple do:

    We love the idea of a bride and groom walking down the aisle together or having your guests stand during the ceremony to make it feel inclusive.

  13. Best planning advice:

    Before jumping on Instagram or Pinterest, talk to a few friends or relatives who recently got married, It’s always helpful to hear from people you trust about what they ended up enjoying the most about their own celebration!

Some trends maybe to let go for 2019!

  1. Trend to do away with:

    Welcome bags! Time and time again, we see many of the expensive, well thought-out items get left behind in hotel rooms, Instead, consider giving a nice bottle of wine and a handwritten note, or making a donation to your favourite local charity in the guests names honour.

  2. Trend to do away with:

    The doughnut wall—and right behind that, the ‘naked’ wedding cake. And wedding favours! We encourage more meaningful communications such as handwritten notes to each guest upon arrival or charitable donations.

  3. Trend to do away with:

    We’re ready to see the days of showing off for the sake of showing off go away. Let’s make weddings return to something that feels a bit more personal and heartfelt. They should be authentic expressions of love and a gift to your guests to celebrate this new commitment.