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6 Jun

How to personalise your big day….the easy way!!

We all have different tastes with regard to our individual styles so why should your wedding day be any different? Here are some helpful little tips on simple and easy ways to add the ‘personal touch’ to your big day without breaking the bank!

  1. Design your own wedding invites

    With all the great computer design packages on offer these days why not avail of them (some are free too!) and design your own personalised invites adding an engagement photo too.

  2. Table centre pieces / reception area flowers

    Collect your old jam jars, give them a clean, remove the labels and hey presto – you have mini flower vases. These can then be wrapped with your themed colour of the day using old cuts of material or crepe paper and tie with string to get that ‘rustic look’ or even wrap the jar with pieces of lace. Then fill the jars with wild flowers or your favourite flower from your child hood like daisies…!

  3. Candy carts

    The hotel can supply the table and white linen…you then supply the candy jars and candy…the jars and candy can be bought (on a budget) from well-known stores we’ve all come to know & love. The candy table can then be decorated with tea lights, fairy lights and wedding signage (again found in a very well-known store!!). The kids (and adults) will thank you for this little sweet treat on the day!

  4. Add wedding signage

    on the day such as signs for the ceremony if on site…signs for the wedding reception area…these can be personalised if you are feeling very arty using mini blackboards and adding some twinkling lights around each.

  5. Guest Book

    Arrange to have the guest book on full display at the main entrance of the function room -this can then be adorned by pretty lighting, flower petals and tea lights. Your guest book can also be personalised by you with a little welcome poem or humorous quote.

  6. Remembrance table

    if you have loved ones not with you anymore, wedding days can be especially emotional. Why not honour their memories with a candle in the room – again this can be placed on a small table in the function room, maybe with a photo of your loved one too.

  7. Wedding cake

    We are all ‘budding’ bakers these days…but you may have a friend or relative whom is really gifted, instead of a wedding present they can bake your cake for you! Personalising it to your tastes.

  8. Favours

    Make your own favours, for example – mini homemade jams with your guests name as the label or mini bath bombs wrapped in brown paper with twine and a piece of lavender attached…you can label this too with the guest name – thus no need for additional place card names!

  9. Keeping the kids entertained…

    Put together little party bags and place on each of the kids place settings. Bags can contain things such as markers, bubbles, mini travel games, puzzle books etc. You can even personalise a chocolate lollipop with the child’s name on it instead of a place setting name!

  10. Personalise your table names instead of using a number

    Use names that mean something to you both like places in the world you have both visited – if you have holiday snaps of you both, even better!

  11. Do your own table plans

    Old vinyl records can be used with the centre taken out and a cardboard circle inserted with the guest names… then adorn the table plan with fairy lights and/or flowers.

  12. Ask your guests

    to take lots and lots of photos of the day and evening and post all the photos onto your dropbox file….you will be sure to have a giggle looking through them after your big day!


More valuable wedding tips will follow…!