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9 Apr

Caroline’s Top Tips to a Stress Free Wedding!

Continuing on from my recent blog regarding the top tips for a stress free wedding – below are more invaluable tips!

  1. Designate a go-to person who knows just as much about the wedding as you do.

    In most cases, this is a maid of honor or bestman. I would always ask for the details of this person at our final wedding appointment – it’s really handy on the day to know who to go to and to be able to leave the wedding couple enjoy their day without any distractions.

  2. Take good care of yourself.

    Eat healthy, balanced meals and don’t skimp; after all, you’ll need every ounce of energy you’ve got. Get away from the hustle and bustle of preparations to go for a run, take a yoga class, read a book or another decompressing activity.

  3. Indulge in well-deserved pampering with your wedding VIPs.

    After you’ve finalised everything, you’re officially in relaxation mode and can enjoy getting your nails done! Or treat yourselves to a scrumptious meal in Cucinos Restaurant the night before the wedding…allowing yourself a couple of well-earned glasses of wine….with plenty of water of course!!

  4. Get a good night’s sleep.

    Although it may be tempting to stay up until 2 a.m., getting enough Zzzs will ensure that you’re glowing in your wedding photos and have the stamina to dance your wedding night away.

  5. Remember why you’re celebrating in the first place.

    Do your best to cherish this once-in-a-lifetime event. Weddings are a joyous occasion. But with all the meticulous planning, high expectations and umpteen hours that go into them, there are bound to be some stressful moments in the final weeks. Don’t obsess about perfection to the point where you make yourself miserable in the process, Take a moment to look around at the people that mean the world to you and your partner. The dresses, cake, flowers, food, and drinks have little importance to the success of your marriage. Because, let’s be honest — in the end, love is all you need!!!